Living Longer Living Stronger



We have partnered with COTA NSW (Council on the Ageing NSW) to launch an exciting new exercise program, Living Longer Living Stronger, designed specifically for people over 50.

The Living Longer Living Stronger program involves individually tailored progressive resistance training to improve your strength, balance and mobility. It has been developed by COTA (Council on the Ageing) Australia to provide a budget-friendly way for older people to exercise safely in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

‘The beauty of the Living Longer Living Stronger program is that it is personally designed for each participant, and the instructors will take your specific needs and goals into consideration when preparing your program,’ said COTA NSW CEO Meagan Lawson. ‘This means you can improve your strength at your own pace, with less risk of injury.’

‘Moving and getting stronger has a flow-on effect on your general quality of life. You’ll be better able to carry shopping and play with your grandchildren, as well as reducing the risk of falls and other injuries. And the classes are also a great way to meet new people.’ 

The classes have two levels: Tier 1, which is suitable for people with complex chronic health conditions, injuries or disabilities, and Tier 2 for people with managed chronic conditions. Anyone without major issues can of course attend the classes as well.

There are four sites now re-launching Tier 2 classes on the MidCoast, as well as a new Tier 1 provider, Kinetic Medicine. Kinetic will also provide the individual assessments and exercise prescriptions for people with more complex issues, enabling them to attend a Tier 2 class if this is more convenient.

‘The Y is excited to be working with John Stevens and the Kinetic Medicine team to deliver the Living Longer Living Stronger program in the MidCoast community,’ said YMCA Taree and Great Lakes Cluster Manager Melissa Morgan. ‘The program is a fantastic opportunity for people to improve their health and mobility and we are looking forward to welcoming new people into our facilities.’

Kinetic Medicine owner John Stevens is also excited to be part of the program. ‘We believe that exercise is a vital component of healthy ageing, and everyone in the community should have a place they can be supported to do this safely. We’re excited to partner with the YMCA to expand the work we’re all doing in this area.’

Living Longer Living Stronger is very reasonably priced. Depending on the qualifications of the instructor, your initial assessment to develop your personal program costs $40 – 85, and each class costs $10 – 15. 

Classes are held in the following locations. Contact the provider directly for more information and to book your assessment.